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My Story

My Woodturning Story

In 2005 after about 5 years of experience I entered a Chandelier in the Axminster Competition. It had been a big challenge, consisting of lots of parts, especially the wiring and carving, I was quite proud of it, but the judges didn’t like it. Bert Marsh said it was because it was gilded which covered the wood, but the public liked it, however my quartet of blackwood bowls gained a third and appeared in several magazines (see gallery for pics).

These are some of the Chandelier bits.

Setting out and gluing had to be precise.

The Worshipful Company of Turners hold a prestigious biennial Competition usually held in the Apothecaries’ Hall in London, (perhaps the Woodturners’ Livery Company couldn’t afford a hall of their own)!  There are several competitions, one being The Master’s Challenge the winner gaining a certificate and £1250, with tapering rewards and certificates for second, third and commended. The Felix Levy Competition is similar plus Competitions for Pole Lathe turners and others funded by the AWGB. Every fourth year this is combined with Wizardry in Wood, A big exhibition with demonstrations, well worth a visit.


So I decided to have a go in 2006. I gained a Third prize with Natural-edged Blackwood bowls in the Felix Levy Competition and a Commended in the AWGB section.  

African Blackwood Bowls: Felix Levy competition 3rd Prize.

AWGB Plain Turning Competition: Commended.

2008 was my best year with a First in The Felix Levy Competition, Second in The Master’s Challenge and Commended in the AWGB Plain Turning Competition.

2008 Felix Levy Competition winner, as shown on the cover of Revolutions. A gilded walnut and blackwood tazza.

One of the certificates presented by The Worshipful Company of Turners.

2008 Worshipful Company Master’s Challenge: a Ceremonial Chalice in Gilded Cocobolo and Ebony.

2008 Commended in the AWGB Plain Turning Competition.

In the 2010 Master’s Challenge I won Second place for a Pair of Presentation Boxes.

Pair of Presentation Boxes: Thuya.

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